Most frequent questions and answers

The official website created by Hamzah Hilam is designed to provide various information in the form of portfolio results, article content, activities, and achievements that have been successfully carried out by the owner of this site.

In the development of the site created by Hamzah Hilam, construction began in January 2014. At that time, I used the stevenhilamhamzah.net domain for the first time. Several times using service providers in Indonesia and changing domain names in the end was established until now.

My real name is Hamzah. Because my names have a lot in common, I am very worried if people who want to look for me are confused because there are many of these names. So with that, I added another name, which became “Hamzah Hilam”. I also have another name called “Steven Hilam Hamzah”.

Yes, this page talks about myself and the experiences I’ve had. Of course, this page will always be updated.

Yes, I am an alumnus. take MSIB Kampus Merdeka Batch 2 & Batch 3. You can visit my experience site here: hamzahhilam.com/msib

You can contact me through this form: hamzahhilam.com/hello, and also through my official social media at: hamzahhilam.com/socialmedia.

Yes, I love this hobby. Enjoy the natural atmosphere and explore the trip at a leisurely pace. Not forgetting the culinary and tourist attractions as well as art and culture for us to learn.

The Official Website Created By Hamzah Hilam Is Designed To Provide Various Information In The Form Of Portfolio Results, Article Content, Activities, And Achievements That Have Been Successfully Carried Out By The Owner Of This Site.