DKV Peduli

March 2020 - May 2020
Volunteers are formed from DKV2, Indraprasta PGRI University (UNINDRA). And I joined the social media team. Volunteer Covid-19 non Medical.
July 2019
Volunteers. Campaign about plastics. Reduce the amount of plastics in Indonesia and the world. I joined this volunteer through Indorelawan.


Pawai Bebas Plastik


September 2018 - January 2020
Join the local community from Depok City. This community is about caring about the environment.

Depok Clean Action



September 2018 - January 2020
GEvents is an organization in several categories. Formed after from the Asian Games 2018. Discuss the event and participate in useful events.

Anyo Gold Ribbon

A volunteer. Carrying the gold ribbon. Provide support and passion. The event was held in Jakarta. by "Yayasan Anyo Indonesia
September 2018 

World Clean Up Day

September 2018 
A volunteer. This volunteer is engaged in the field of environmental care, in this event we clean up garbage in locations that have been determined by the team. I joined from Indorelawan.

Asian Games

Agustus 2018 - September 2018
I am a volunteer at the Asian Games 2018. I've signed up through Indorelawan. My first to volunteer. Had an amazing experience.



Agustus 2016
A committee from BEM FBS UNNES. I'm in the field of information and technology. create a website with ppakfbsunnes.org domain and android applications



2015 - 2018 
I am a broadcaster, technician and Developer at Radio REM UNNES. Bring a new innovation and have a project such as: Streaming media Player or Website and application with friends.


Pramuka MAN 7 Jakarta

2012 - 2013 
I attended the school organization and was a member of the boy scouts.

OSIS MAN 7 Jakarta

2012 - 2014 
I am in the Science and Technology Division. Bring something new. Have a project: Build a website and app for Android.

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